TOLFIN System Overview
TOLFIN’s database contains a wide range of companies’ and persons’ records in various countries. Click to the corresponding country for information.

The design of TOLFIN is completely user-friendly.
The design of TOLFIN is completely user-friendly.
Data Navigation Panel
It organises data in a tree-like menu, with the number of records shown next to each item. One may easily ascertain which target items contain records and these may be viewed by clicking on the corresponding items.
Data Panel
This is the area where information is shown.
Result Tabs
This is a unique convenience to users. One need not be concerned about what has been viewed before: The tabs will record this information. One may move between tabs in order to review previous intelligence. TOLFIN’s Tab-Result System has the ability to maintain, virtually, an unlimited number of tabs of viewed results within the current log-in session.
這是一個特別為使用者而設計的指標。泰達資訊網使用者毋需因為忘記曾經瀏覽過的網頁而煩惱,使用者曾瀏覽過的網頁均會有一個瀏覽記錄儀, 只要未登出查詢的網頁,使用者可隨時利用瀏覽記錄儀回到瀏覽過的資料顯示頁。
One Click Search!
This powerful ‘OneClick Search!’ provides a convenient way to search companies or persons’ information across all countries available in TOLFIN’ s database.

Enter the search key word in the Company/Person Name box and press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard or, alternatively, click ‘Search’.

只要輸入有關關鍵字於‘Company/Person Name’ ‘公司/人物名稱’方格內,與該關鍵字有關之公司名稱或人物姓名便會一覽無遺地顯示出來。
Hongkong Search
TOLFIN’s Hongkong database provides very comprehensive records of different Hongkong courts, property holdings of companies and/or persons, those properties held by Hongkong corporate entities and those entities not domiciled in the territory, as well as information of publicly listed companies in Hongkong.

You may search by company name, by a person’s name, by court case number, or by stock code, assigned by The Stock Exchange of Hongkong Ltd.

TOLFIN presents easy-to-read formatted data screens. Below are a few samples:

Company General Information 公司資料概覽
Shareholders List 股東名單
High Court List 高等法院案件
Property Transaction List 房地產買賣