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TARGET provides comprehensive coverage of Hongkong's business landscape.



Investigative Reporting

TARGET offer Subscribers information in respect of the latest developments.

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Intelligence Reports

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Comprehensive Insights

Packed with valuable resources, such as the likes of Raymonde Sacklyn’s Viewsletter, financial analysis of publicly listed companies, daily court lists, and records of The Stock Exchange of Hongkong Ltd, TARGET Intelligence Report provides essential knowledge and strategic insights that may revolutionise Subscribers’ decision-making process.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Intelligence Reports equip Subscribers with the essential knowledge and strategic insights, needed in permitting informed decisions.

Gain confidence

It is essential not to lose track of valuable insights that are readily available by subscribing to TARGET Intelligence Report. Purchases of previous TARGET Intelligence Reports might permit Subscribers to access historical data to augment in-depth research.

Data Compilation Reports

A head start analysis

In order to gain a competitive edge, TARGET’s Data Compilation Report provides in-depth analysis of weekly court action filings in Hongkong.

The Data Compilation Reports’ coverage include:

Consistent flow

Published on a weekly basis, one can be assured that the valuable intelligence, covered by this weekly report, are, always, up to date.

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