TARGET GROUP is Hongkong's first wholly business medium.

We are 53 years’ old.... and still going strong!

Since 1974, we have been delivering hard-hitting and unbiased business stories. With a commitment of impartiality and objectivity, TARGET GROUP has gained respect and recognition, having become a legend in Hongkong’s journalistic history. Its editorial integrity has never been compromised. It has never published paid content and/or disguised advertisements as news.

TARGET GROUP remains dedicated to reporting economic, business news, and financial insights with a unique and international perspective.

From-ground shot of the Bank of America Tower, where TARGET resides.

TARGET Financial Reports

The primarily focuses are on economic, business, and financial insights, related to Hongkong. Our aim is to report, accurately, about any individual and/or everything of a material financial nature.

TARGET came in 1971… and TARGET is here - for good

Intelligence Report

Comprehensive and insightful business publication that specialises in providing analysis and reports with record to intelligence-driven financial information.

Data Compilation Report

Comprehensive intelligence that focuses on the collection, organisation, and presentation of data from various confirmed sources.

TOLFIN Services

On-line Search

On-line Search

Provides a convenient way to search companies and/or individuals’ information across all countries, available in TOLFIN’s database.

Monitoring and Alert

Monitoring and Alert

Keeps Subscribers informed about significant events, corporate entities, and individuals in real-time.

Integrated Data

Integrated Data

Provides comprehensive insights to help assess the credibility and background of potential business partners and corporate entities.

Why Choose TOLFIN?

Choose TOLFIN On-Line Information Service for an unrivalled access to a vast and comprehensive database of more than 8,000,000-plus records, —and is growing daily—regarding individuals and corporate entities.

Providing valuable financial insights into historic business dealings, litigation history, property transactions … and more, keeping Subscribers informed.

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A+ service!

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