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The Hongkong Special Administrative Region, despite its relatively small size in terms of its land mass, with a human population of less than eight million residents, it has a proven record of successes, from being, not just a financial hub, to the controlling entity of manufacturing bases in a number of countries, including The People’s Republic of China. Its vibrance is felt, round the world, allowing ample opportunities for new businesses to be created.

Some Little Thoughts

Thoughts that surprise makes one ponder, or just causes one to smile on recognising something that took place in the distant past, are thoughts that generate so much in the mind of man.

The Wong Way ...
yaW gnoW ehT

There is more than one way to break an egg, to be sure, but does it make any difference which side of an egg is up … and which side is down?

Plenty More to Go Around

The undying hunger, leading to the enlargement of one’s knowledge, may be satiated on studying the contents of some of the books, found in The Historic Publishing House.

Where to Eat ...
Where Not to Eat

When one celebrates a night out, determined to sample the cuisine of a restaurant that, in the distant past, might have been forgotten, only too often, one is more than a little dismayed to discover that there was a good and valid reason not to return to that restaurant.

Traveling with TARGET

Noting that there are many other people in the world, people that might not, completely, accept one’s thoughts and opinions, engraved in one’s mental consciousness from studies of days of yore, one might be able to give a different slant on matters, germane to other people’s understandingly thinking.

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