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For students, desirous of learning about motor-car servicing, electronic commerce and electromechanical technology applications, attending the secondary vocational school, owned and operated by China Kepei Education Group Ltd (中國科培教育集團有限公司) (Code: 1890, Main Board, The Stock Exchange of Hongkong Ltd), may well meet their ambitions.


In addition, ‘Zhaoqing School’ (Zhaoqing Science and Technology Secondary Vocational School [肇慶市科技中等職業學] formerly known as Zhaoqing Technology School [肇慶科技學]), is, also, offering courses in the Chinese language, mathematics and business English.


Zhaoqing School’s offerings of the above-mentioned vocational training skills, is one of two schools, operated and managed by China Kepei Education Group Ltd, the other, vocational-teaching entity, being Guangdong Polytechnic College (廣東理工學).


Guangdong Polytechnic College is, presently, offering its students courses in electrical engineering and automation, electronic information engineering, mechanical design, manufacture and automation, mechatronic engineering, automobile servicing, automobile engineering, computer science, networking engineering, logistics management, international economics and trade, financial engineering and financial management.


China Kepei Education Group Ltd was one of a slew of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) that were presented to prospective investors of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), prior to week-long celebration to welcome in the Year of the Pig.


The IPO Of China Kepei Education Group Ltd


China Kepei Education Group Ltd pitched its story in a Global Offering Prospectus, dated January 15, 2019.


The Company Offered a total of 353,334,000, $US0.00001 Shares at the Indicative Offer Price Per Share, ranging from a low of $HK2.08 to a high of $HK2.70.


HKSAR Investors were Offered 35,336,000 Shares and International Investors – Institutions, Professionals and Qualified, Well-Heeled Individuals/Corporate Entities – were Offered 317,998,000 Shares.


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, in an Announcement in respect of the Offer Price Per Share and the Allotment Results, Management of China Kepei Education Group Ltd stated that the Offer Price Per Share had been struck at $HK2.48 and that the Company expected to net about $HK788 million from this cash-raising event.


At Page Eight of this announcement, Management stated as to how the net proceeds were intended to be utilised:



Approximately, 46.70 percent, that is about $HK367.80 million, ‘is expected to be used to acquire additional schools’;




Approximately, 36.10 percent, that is about $HK284.40 million, ‘is expected to be used to expand the existing schools’ that the Company, presently owns and operates;




Approximately, 7.20 percent, that is about $HK57.00 million, ‘is expected to be used to repay loans from third-party financial institutions’; and,




Approximately, 10.00 percent, that is about $HK78.80 million, ‘is expected to be used to fund its working capital and general corporate purposes


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