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Name of Restaurant Sevva
Address of Restaurant 25th Floor, Prince's Building, Number 10, Chater Road, Central, Hongkong
Date of Visit Monday, April 14, 2008  

TARGET’s Rating

    First Impression Excellent Acceptable Poor
    Attentiveness to Customers’ Needs Excellent Acceptable Poor
    Flexibility Excellent Acceptable Poor
    Product Expertise of Serving Staff Excellent Acceptable Poor
    Speed of Service Excellent Acceptable Poor
    Cleanliness of Uniform and Serving Staff Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Lighting Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Music Excellent Acceptable Poor
          General Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Presentation Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Taste Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Quantity Excellent Acceptable Poor
          Choice Extensive Limited Unbalanced
          Cost Reasonable Unreasonable Very Expensive
          Storage of Wine Good Poor Unknown
          Expertise of Sommelier - None Excellent Acceptable Poor
Total Cost of Meal    

          Very Expensive

Moderately Expensive       Very Reasonably Priced
Name of Food and Beverage Manager Mr Joseph chan  
Name of Chef Mr Albert Wong  


If one is desirous of being seen among the highest levels of society, rubbing shoulders with a handful of the Hongkong rich and famous, as well sitting close to the would-be rich and famous of the territory, as opposed to sitting in the immediate vicinity of  the hoi-polloi, a visit to one of the poshest restaurants, recently opened in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), might well be your ticket to a few hours of electric fame and greatness. 

However, if one is desirous of engaging in some serious eating, don’t even think of visiting Sevva, the latest offering, located on the 25th Floor of Prince’s Building, Central, Hongkong. 

The food at this restaurant is, simply put, pretentious, and, for the most part, insipid. 

To state that this is a fast-food joint may be a little unkind … but only just, mind you. 

TARGET (泰達財經) visited Sevva on Monday, April 14, 2008, at 6:30 p.m., exactly, having had to wait for a table for a period of one week because, one was told: ‘We have a waiting list. Very busy, you know.’ 

The restaurant was only opened on March 14, 2008, so that TARGET’s visit to this stand-alone establishment, which has purchased its own lift to carry guests to the top of Prince’s Building, was on the anniversary of the eatery’s first month of full operations. 

With such a build up, this medium was, mistakenly, of the opinion that everybody and his cat in Hongkong was anxious to wait in line in order to sample the offerings of a genius of a chef whose food was nothing short of being magical. 

Well, the food was short … of just about everything, in this medium’s opinion. 

As for the magician of Sevva’s kitchen, well, he ought to return to magician’s school for a refresher course because he has a lot to learn about casting magic spells, cooking, food presentation, and just about everything else. 

Scanning the dinner menu, TARGET was surprised to learn that a sandwich was included as a main course! 

Well, in Beverly Hills, California, at a restaurant named, Hamburger Hamlet, the owner has made a fortune by selling sandwiches for dinner. 

Hongkong is not Beverly Hills, however, and this medium was told by a waiter that the sandwich is rarely ordered. 

On being asked whether or not TARGET’s reviewers would like to order a drink before the meal, the wine list was requested.  

Within about one minute of carefully studying the wine list, a decision had been made: The still wines, which were very limited, in any case, were all much too young to be drunk and, if one wanted Champagnes – there are 10 different kinds on the wine list – the prices, being demanded, are outrageous. 

TARGET settled on a Scotch and Soda. 

When the drink was placed on the table, it was just about all Soda with a thimbleful of Scotch whisky. 

Ah, well, what is one to say? 

Eventually, this was that which was ordered on TARGET’s first and last visit to Sevva: 

Baked Crabmeat in Shell
… one of our many favourites

Spiced Butternut Pumpkin Soup
… with a dizzle (sic) of curry oil

Wagyu Beef Cheek and Ox Tongue Pot Pie, Porcini Fried
… comfort food in Luxe

Roasted Pigeon with Tangerine Grapefruit Sauce

Without commenting on each and every dish, suffice it to state that TARGET tasted only a very small portion of each dish, usually a teaspoonful, only, because the food was just bordering on being inedible. 

This was noted by TARGET’s waiter and Mr Willy Tolentino, the Assistant Manager, came over in order to ask what was the problem. 

TARGET responded that there was no problem, as far as this medium was concerned – but Sevva, definitely, had a problem since the food was mediocre … to be very diplomatic. 

While Mr Willy Tolentino was in attendance, TARGET questioned him as to who was the chef – if there was one. 

Mr Willy Tolentino said that it was the famous chef from Joyce Cafe of years ago, Mr Albert Wong. 

(Joyce Cafe could not make the grade and closed.) 

When asked about the bread and butter, placed on the table, both of which were tasteless, one was told that it was the usual bread and butter of Hongkong! 

The best thing about this restaurant is the view from the top of Prince’s Building, but it is unlikely to be used very much or become a very popular venue for meetings, during the hot summer months or in the cold winter months, because one would either be fried to death or frozen to death, depending on the time of the year. 

The restaurant is said to seat about 140 paying customers in air-conditioned comfort, and up to 300 people on the terrace. 

Sevva is the brainchild of Ms Bonnie Gokson (郭志怡), the person who took the plunge with Joyce Cafe, along with her sister, Ms Joyce Ma (馬郭志清), of Joyce Boutique Holdings Ltd (Code: 647, Main Board, The Stock Exchange of Hongkong Ltd), some years ago. 

The cost of outfitting Sevva must have been in the tens of millions of dollars: What a waste of good money! 






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