Terms And Conditions

  1. The “Company” shall henceforth be referred to as TARGET On-Line Financial Ltd, or TOLFIN.
  2. “Subscriber/Customer” shall mean the person, firm, body corporate, association, department or branch whose name and address and particulars are set out in the relevant Order Form and who or which has been accepted as a Customer and shall not include individuals or entities of different addresses and/or particulars whether they are of the same name or not.
  3. Materials and services, supplied by the Company, shall be subject to the charges, stipulated in the Fee Structure. These charges are subject to change without notice.
  4. Fees exclude Government costs and copying charges.
  5. Fees shall be paid before delivery of reports.
  6. Taxes are excluded.
  7. All prices are shown in Hongkong dollars.
  8. All bank charges are the responsibilities of the Customer.
  9. Negative searches are searches that indicate that a party is not involved, at the time of the requested search, in a matter, requested by the purchaser of the information. Charges for negative searches are applied at the same scale as positive searches.
  10. TOLFIN can only provide that data which has been input into the TOLFIN's system.
  11. Scope of Services:
      Court of Final Appeal
    • Final Appeal (Civil)
    • Final Appeal (Criminal)
    • Miscellaneous Proceedings (Civil)
    • Miscellaneous Proceedings (Criminal)
    • Miscellaneous Proceedings

      High Court
    • Admiralty
    • Application for Grant
    • Application for Review
    • Assignment Of Book Debt
    • Bankruptcy Petition
    • Bill of Sales Registration
    • Caveat
    • Civil Actions
    • Citation Application
    • Civil Appeal
    • Commercial Action
    • Constitutional and Administrative Law Proceedings
    • Construction and Arbitration Proceedings
    • Criminal Appeal
    • Criminal Case
    • Ex-parte Application
    • Inland Revenue Appeal
    • Interim Order
    • Labour Tribunal Appeal
    • Magistracy Appeal
    • Matrimonial Causes
    • Application under the Mental Health Ordinance
    • Minor Employment Claims Appeal
    • Miscellaneous Proceedings
    • Personal Injuries Action
    • (Pre-System) Application for Grant
    • Probate Action
    • Small Claims Tribunal Appeal
    • Statutory Demand
    • Stop Notice
            Note: High Court contains data since January 1, 1980 except
            Writ of Seizure contains data since January 1993
            Criminal and Appeal Proceedings contain data since December 2010

      District Court
    • Civil Action (data from August 1995)
    • Criminal Case (data from December 2010)
    • Distraint Case (data from October 1997)
    • Employee's Compensation Case (data from January 1997)
    • Equal Opportunities Action (data from January 2000)
    • Miscellaneous Appeals
    • Miscellaneous Proceedings (data from January 1997)
    • Occupational Deafness (Compensation) Appeal
    • Personal Injuries Action (data from September 2002)
    • Pneumoconiosis (Compensation) Appeal
    • Stamp Duty Appeal
    • Tax Claim (data from January 2002)

      Property Transactions in Urban Areas, valued at
    • $HK1 million and above since January 1, 1980
    • $HK2 million and above since 1982
    • $HK2.8 million and above since January 1, 1993
    • $HK3.3 million and above since January 1, 1994
    • $HK1.8 million and above since January 1, 2000
    • $HK3.3 million and above since April 1, 2005
    • $HK5 million and above since January 1, 2008
    • $HK3.3 million and above since January 1, 2009
    • $HK5 million and above since January 1, 2010
    • $HK4 million and above since January 1, 2012

      Property Transactions in New Territories, valued at
    • $HK3.3 million since January 1, 1999
    • $HK1.8 million and above since January 1, 2000
    • $HK3.3 million and above since April 1, 2005
    • $HK5 million and above since January 1, 2008
    • $HK3.3 million and above since January 1, 2009
    • $HK5 million and above since January 1, 2010
    • $HK4 million and above since January 1, 2012
            There is no guarantee that the target party's name may be cross-referenced by
            any distinguishing number, such as an Hongkong Identity Card Number or a passport
            number, or a company's incorporation number

  12. Any and all orders, being sent to TOLFIN by any means, shall be automatically considered confirmed and the issuer shall be responsible for all costs.
  13. All fees and payments are the responsibilities of parties, submitting the services requests. Debit notes are expected to be settled within 30 days of invoicing date(s).
  14. All payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  15. The Company reserves all rights, including but not limited to its copyrights, in respect of any/all information, made available to the Customer(s). All information, obtained by the Customer(s) from the Company, may only be used by the Customer(s) for his/her/its own purpose(s) and the Customer(s) shall not reproduce, distribute, transmit, print, publish, or cause to be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, printed or published such information, obtained from the Company, and shall not use, deal with or dispose of such information in any way so as to infringe constructively the Company’s right thereto.
  16. The Company shall, at its absolute discretion, set charges and fees for any of its services on any basis that it determines and is at liberty, without reference to the Customer, to increase or reduce the same at any time.
  17. The Company may amend, strike out, add to or otherwise alter the information made available through the Company without prior notice to the Customer.
  18. The Company makes no warranty that the information, available to the Subscriber/Customer, is accurate in all respects or that the information is suitable for the purpose(s) of the Subscriber/Customer whether or not the Subscriber has made known to the Company the purpose for which it requires the information and, as such, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, suffered by the Subscriber as a result of the Subscriber/Customer, acting upon information received from the Company.
  19. The Company shall not be liable for any claim, arising out of the performance, non-performance, delay in delivery of or defect in the reports or for any special, indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage howsoever arising or howsoever caused (including loss of profit and/or loss of revenue) whether from negligence or otherwise in connection with the supply, function or use of the reports.
  20. The Company shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these terms and conditions and/or the Company’s regulations; and, the decision of the Company upon the interpretation, or upon any matter not provided for by these conditions or by the regulations, shall be final and binding on the Subscriber/Customer.
  21. To avoid any potential confusion, the English version of this ‘Terms and Conditions of using TOLFIN’ shall be deemed to be the correct version.
  1. 以下條文所指的“本公司”意指泰達資訊有限公司或泰達資訊
  2. “訂戶/客戶”意指服務訂購表格內填寫及經泰達資訊確認的個人、公司、法人團體、協會、部門、科或支行等名稱。未經本公司確認及未列於服務訂購表格內之任何個人、公司、法人團體、協會、部門、科或支行等名稱均非本公司訂戶/客戶。
  3. 泰達資訊所有收費均詳列於收費表內,費用如有更改,恕不另行通告。
  4. 所有費用不包括政府收費及影印費。
  5. 所有服務需預先繳費。
  6. 所有稅收費用另計。
  7. 所有項目以港幣收費。
  8. 客戶需支付所有銀行服務費用。
  9. 負面資料咨詢是指在咨詢時間,資料顯示有關團體/公司/個人並沒有任何負面資料,而無論當時資料顯示是負面或正面,收費相同。
  10. 泰達資訊只提供泰達資訊資料庫內儲存及既存資料。
  11. 不論以任何形式遞交至本公司之資料申索要求指令,本公司將視該已接收之指令為確實及最後指令,發出資訊申索要求客戶需支付所有有關費用。
  12. 遞交資訊申索要求之客戶需負責所有有關費用,所有費用均需於發票日起計30日內清付。
  13. 不論在任何情況下,所有已繳費用慨不退還。
  14. 經由本公司提供予客戶之所有資料,本公司保留一切權利,包括版權,影印權等。經由本公司提供予客戶之資料只供客戶使用,客戶不得擅自複製、分發、發送、打印、發布有關資訊,或經由客戶引至複製、分發、發送、打印、發布有關資訊。客戶於使用經本公司提供之資訊時需保障本公司之所有權利。
  15. 本公司具絕對酌情權可隨時更改或修訂收費表,其減幅或增幅均由泰達資訊自行決定,毋需另行通告。
  16. 本公司保留一切權利隨時更新或修改本公司資料庫內資料,毋需另行通告。
  17. 本公司不保證經本公司提供之資料適合或符合訂戶或客戶之使用或訂購服務的目的,無論該目的已知會或未知會本公司。本公司亦毋需承擔因本公司所提供之資料引致之任何損失。
  18. 泰達資訊對因泰達資訊之履約、不履約、延誤、謬誤、特別因由或其他直接或間接因由所引至之損失、經濟損失或相應損失等等,泰達資訊慨不負責。
  19. 泰達資訊使用條文以泰達資訊有限公司之詮釋作準,經泰達資訊詮釋現有或暫未見之條文以泰達資訊之詮釋為最終決定,泰達資訊之訂戶或客戶均需遵守泰達資訊之最終決定。
  20. 如有爭拗,以上‘泰達資訊使用條文’以英文版本為準。
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